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We want to create unequal opportunities for female entrepreneurs in developing economies by sparking close relations with open-minded international experts.


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Due to Kenya’s history as British colony, a large part of the society still strives to consume imported goods. Mugethi faces several cultural challenges in order to sell natural beauty products.

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Bunmi believes in the power of natural spices to fight against some of our daily pains. Yet, she struggles to recreate such an awareness within the society to ask Nature for help instead of chemical pills. 

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In 2017,  when the government banned single use plastic bags, Shiku has started her business: Kirembo.  She saw the opportunity of replacing plastic with the traditional baskets that are hand woven.

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Our community is an ecosystem of Chamas.

"Chama" is the Kiswahili word for "group" or "body".
A Chama is an informal cooperative society
that is used to pool and invest
savings in East Africa.

Nampelka is a digital meeting point between
our community and our entrepreneurs.

We support them in creating and growing their business,

both economically and in terms of expertise.

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Our Stories

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We are committed to sharing exciting stories about female entrepreneurs in Africa. We want to show the barriers and difficulties that they face, in all its complexity and richness.