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History, religion, ethnicity, language, and ideology has created conflicts

and difficulties across economic borders.


As a group, we promote global business support, celebrating
similarities in social habits and cultural norms. ​
We foster a more exciting, inclusive and respectful society
by carefully maintaining our cultural diversity with mutual appreciation.

Nampelka growers, enablers, and makers can start a new flow
by working together profitably.

Everyone is welcome to become an active part of our community!


A Grower

If you are a grower you are
an entrepreneur in Africa.
You have the motivation and passion to build-up new ventures despite challenges in your country.

You share personal stories and products with us, and we - as a community - support you with unique skills and resources. By joining Nampelka, growers get to the next level of their entrepreneurial journey.

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An enabler

If you are an enablers you desire to closely support the growers in the adventure of scaling-up their businesses. Based on your strong professional background, as an enablers you design key steps with her such as go-to-market and funding strategy. 


Our enablers will be part of changing economic structures, and are enlightened by the new experience.

A Maker

As a makers you can contribute to specific tasks and needs of our growers. You can provide short-term oriented consulting services such as legal, sales and marketing advice. 


Makers will gain authentic insights about working in a context such as Kenya honing their cross-cultural skills.

Team Meeting

We love that moment of dynamic energy
when people from different cultures come together.

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